Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is designed for those who own businesses, and for any of their employees who utilize cars, trucks or vans in the operation of their business. This kind of insurance is chosen by those who require coverage for a wide variety of vehicles that are used for such things as deliveries, the transportation to and from locations, etc., for the functioning of a business operation. Anyone who either owns or works for a company should look into the purchasing of this kind of important insurance coverage, as there are any number of vehicles and situations that will not fall under the protection of typical auto insurance.

This kind of insurance usually functions by providing coverage for both businesses and/or commercial drivers. There is a myriad of coverage types that provides the business or individual drivers the freedom to design their plan to meet the individual needs and circumstances. Should anything happen to a vehicle that is under the protection of this insurance, such as damage from a severe weather event or a road accident, then a claim can be filed with the insurance company, which then will compensate for most and, in many cases all, of the damages.

There is a wide variety of types of coverage with commercial insurance, most of which will specifically pertain to the operation of the business that is insured. The most common types of coverage are, like with regular car insurance, liability, collision, medical payments and comprehensive. Liability coverage will come into effect for any bodily injury and property damage. Comprehensive pays for any physical damage resulting from fire, theft, flooding or vandalism.

Some business owners will opt to buy commercial umbrella coverage, which will cover much larger liability claims than average. This kind of coverage is available in $1 million increments and can help to pay for the expense of lawsuits. There are many pluses in obtaining this kind of insurance coverage. For example, it provides company personnel the peace of mind in knowing that all employees are covered and the business protected should an accident occur. Any business owner can rest assured in the knowledge that his or her company is protected from having to pay out-of-pocket for what could be an enormous sum of money.