Motorcycle Insurance

If you love cruising down the road on your two-wheeled steed, motorcycle insurance is what provides protection should you be involved in an accident or experience some other covered loss, such as theft or vandalism. This kind of a policy also gives the motorcyclist protection in the form of liability coverage that safeguards you from the financial impacts of injury to others or damage to property, up to the limits of the policy.

There’s no denying that being on a motorcycle translates to a much higher risk of injury and increased vulnerability to even death. Normal kinds of motorcycle coverage include the following:


This is mandated by most states and provides assistance in paying for injuries or property damage for which you are deemed at fault.


This coverage compensates you for repairs to your motorcycle no matter of fault. Coverage varies and it can also pay out for either the actual cash value of your motorcycle or for its replacement cost should it be totaled in an accident.


Should your motorbike be damaged or totaled from an event other than a collision, a large object falling on it for example, this coverage is what will help in paying for any repairs or for replacement if necessary.

Medical Expenses

This is what can cover medical bills you may have in the aftermath of an accident, payable no matter of liability. Often your passenger can be covered, as well. If you ride in a no-fault state, this is deemed ‘personal injury protection coverage’.

Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage

Since a notable number of drivers have either minimum coverage or no coverage at all, underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is vital for the motorcyclist. This makes up for the difference between the limits of the at-fault underinsured driver (or uninsured driver) and the actual cost of the damages you sustain.

Good motorcycle insurance is for everyone who owns and rides a motorcycle. Protect both yourself and your family by purchasing quality motorcycle insurance today.